Sausha Pearson LMT Fascia whisperer Owner

Body alignment

Wearing Clothes makes it easier for the therapist and you to see where your body is out of alignment without the need for draping.

Trigger Point Myofascia Release

Freeing the Ribcage

Freeing the Shoulder Girdle from the Pelvic Girdle.

Help the Ribcage to expand making it easier to breathe.

Releasing the IT Band and the Muscles that attach to it.

EMP Sports Massage team

Taking care of the runners at the Race Super 50 ultra Marathon in North Bend WA.

Womens Wellness Expo 2019

Womens Wellness Expo 2019

Bodytherapy Strutural Integration

Before and after pictures of the changes made to the body alignment after completing the 10 Sessions.