A glimpse of why Sausha loves being a Structural Integrator Therapist.

Pictures of Sausha's Personal 10 session journey. Before session one, after session 6, after session 10.

When Sausha became a massage therapist one of her huge goals for advance training and continuing education was to become a Structural Integrator. She personally seen the benefits of this type of manual therapy treatment when she endured her own trauma. Taking people through the 10 sessions series is truly transformational work. To go on a healing journey with others is a blessing in itself. To witness how people get their life back by not fighting gravity, and having movement and flow back in their daily live bring her heart great joy!

Her clients have been saying to her lately.. "I thought I was in all this pain due to old age"

They are amazed to see just in one session how life changing this type of bodywork is. With life comes trauma/stress in one form or another. Because of that the body also takes on a heavy load, and then can cause fascial restrictions in the body. If we don't pay attention to our body when we feel stiff, and in pain, then yes "old age" can set in. So really if we pay attention to what the fascial lines are telling us through our pain signals we can address these issues before we think we have lost our quality of life due to "old age"! If you are interssted in going through the 10 sessions structural integration please call us to set up a consultation. Let Sausha help you get your life back!

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